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July 7, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)

 "I'll be there soon Ashy, tell Jinxxy and Chuppy to wait for a few minutes! You know how walking home is..." I huff into the phone, a annoyed feeling churning in my gut. I don't want to be rude, but Ashley can be a little bit too overprotective at times.

All I'm doing is walking home, no big deal! God, it's like having the worlds most strict parent as your best friend. I swear when I get my hands on Jake for slipping them off on where I was going...

"Okay, okay, I give up. Just be home soon or I'm coming to look for your skinny ass." he says, sighing into the phone.

"Okay, I'm only on Hillcrest road, not that far away. See you soon sexy!" I smirk into the phone, clicking it off before Ashley can reply with one of his famous sarcastic phrases.

I had only gone out to get a cup of coffee, not like the world was ending! Fuck, sometimes I just feel like I wanna strangle those two, but, obviously, I haven't. I love them all too much to hurt any of them.

I walk down the alleyway, fishing around and trying to avoid the large clumps of garbage that littered the street. City's, gotta love them right?

 The smell of smoke and booze hit me hard, making me choke slightly for fresh air. I look around to see a few guys leaning up against a wall, looking over at me. I shiver at the feeling of their eyes looking over my body, a feeling I wish would go away completely.

I continue walking, noticing more footsteps than mine raging closer to me. Keep calm Andy! It's probably some hobo who's had a bit too much to drink tonight to know whats good for him anymore...

Something shoves my body forward, not enough to push me to the ground, but enough to send me a few steps ahead. I quickly turn around, about to chew out the person's ass when I see it's those shady figures from earlier.

"What the fuck!?" I screech out, feeling one of them grab my arm roughly and pull me towards them.

"Hey faggot, where do you think you're going?" one of them asked, making the others laughing and chuckle in response. I glare at the asshole, trying to rip my arm out of the first ones grip, only succeeding in getting dragged forward a few more inches.

"Got somewhere you need to go?" Another one asks, grabbing a hold of my hair and pulling it hard. I let out a small squeak, pushing the guy backward into a streetlamp.

"That's not nice, what's wrong, kitty don't want to play?" the second one asks, wrapping his gloved fingers around my neck as he and the first one drag me into a smaller alleyway, between the small pizza shop near my apartment and abandoned building just waiting for the storms to tear it down. I gasp and fight for air, kicking at the men as they continue to push me around, pulling my hair and shoving me into one another.

"Hey, I've got an idea, let's see if kitty here can do us a favor!" the third asks, shoving my body to the ground harshly before ripping my belt off my skinnies in one swift movement. The first one holds both of my wrists in one hand and the third one wraps the belt around my wrists tight enough to cause pain with any movement.

I gasp aloud as the second one starts to rip of my clothing, tossing my now shredded shirt aside and throwing my pants in another direction. Yes, right now, I'm scared shitless, but I don't have time to cry in pain about the belt stuffing itself in my skin! But I do have time for...

"Help!" I somehow manage to scream out. The third man punches my face hard, splitting my lip open in the process. Fuck!

"Don't say anything, now, as kind as I am, I'll warn you. No grazing, not even so much as one tooth touching me, understand?!" he yells into my face, ripping my boxers off so that they join the other shredded clothes.

Wait, did he mean-

I give out a small squeak as the first man pushes my kneeling body forward, so I'm on my hands and knees. The first man grabs my hair harshly before shoving his arousal into my mouth. I hadn't even noticed they pulled down their clothes!?!

A small tear escapes my eye as he buries my head into his crotch, making me gag as his excitement pokes the back of my throat. The first one hols me still, and the second one unzips his pants, making his way to the back of me before a sharp pain erupts through my spine. I open my mouth wider to scream, only to get fucked in the face more by the third tormenter. More tears and screams vigorously rip out of my throat, as the second man pumps into me fast and hard. The first one watches the scene with a horrific smile plastered to his face.  My lip that was already busted increases with pain as it get's ripped wider, every scream I make or simple buck of the third ones hips

 This wasn't any type of sex that needed to be felt. The kind loving hands turn into daggers scratching and crawling against my skin. The warm smiles and cute nicknames turn into the men grunting and panting out "Whore, Faggot, Bitch, Slut!" You name it, they say it. The simple sweet movement of body's rubbing together turn into the god awful feel of someone holding you down, forcing their way inside you.

There is no love in this, only hate and pain. This isn't just some random street fuck, it's rape.

I choke on my own tears, feeling the second man's fingernails clawing long bloody trails of red down my back. The first one gives one final buck into me, before releasing into my mouth. I shut my eyes tight, wishing to just wake up. This could be just some crazy dream!

But it isn't, I know for a fact it isn't.

"Swallow every last drop, bitch!" the third man yells into my ear. I do as I'm told, almost gagging at the thickness of the liquid running its way down my throat. He pulls out, slapping my face hard before the second man releases inside me. I let out a silent scream, my throat raw from the screaming beforehand. I drop to the ground, curled up into a tight ball as soon ans the second man slides out of me. The first man spits on me before kicking me hard in my stomach, making me gasp in pain and a small few drops of blood come running up through my mouth and onto the side of my face.

The other two whip around, kicking me and pulling my hair, bringing me closer to their hooded bodies before slapping my face hard or punching me painfully. Dark bruises already start forming on my body before the men give me one final disgusted look, kicking my body into the wall once more before running off and disappearing from view.

I lie here, my body in pain and shock, every breath I make is shrill and painful, my insides screaming out murder. The blood running from my nose and lips steadily decreases, and I still feel a warm liquid running down one of my legs, small drops of crimson left untouched on the ground.

I feel numb. The world starts spinning around. I feel dizzy and confused. Everything comes crashing down in the small world I have, and I don't know how to stop it...

"...A-Andy!?" I hear a small voice seem to whisper in my ear. I look up, starring Ashley and Jake in the face. We were still in the alleyway, and I still bleeding and trembling horribly. Jake falls to his knees, crying silently as Ashley slowly picks up my broken, bleeding body. He looks deep into my dulling eyes."

"What happened to you?..." he whispers to himself, looking back at Jake before they both dart down the gravel, me hanging limply in Ashley's arms. The world starts to spin again, and I see bright flashes of white light before darkness consumes my vision.
okay, so let me make this clear.. BRING A TUB OF ICE CREAM AND A FUCKING BOX OF TISSUES!!!

because you WILL cry with this sorry...gah...

an dNO NOT A ONESHOT! remember this...
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K-1-L-L-J-0-Y Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
RAAIIIN!!!! *tackles you* Why the saaaaaad? I thought you were just getting warmed up to normal sex! *cries for Andy* MY BABY! *growls* Rain, you can write well, but fix this soon.
Love ya!
NiGHTSxREALAfan Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
WHAT!?! this is my new book, not the...oh, you thought this was White Outline? NO THIS IS MEH NEW BOOK! and diont tackle me, i dont like hugging the floor -_-
K-1-L-L-J-0-Y Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well too bad!
Clearly this is a new story –.–
IF you get my bridecest up soon.
*glomps you*
That's better than tackling it's like a forced hug! Wait...
NiGHTSxREALAfan Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
o.o never do anything 'forced' in a rape story comments section, NEVER!!!! -flails arms and runs away-
K-1-L-L-J-0-Y Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You know I'm nice. I won't hurt you.
You know I have no patience xD
NiGHTSxREALAfan Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
time to go rape walmart of their sanity pills and begin sexy healing for andy ;D -starts buy all these weird sex, shiny ;D -shove weird things in basket and gets looked at my random people-

What, wanna play with the kitty now folks! -they all gives me shocked expressions and run off- Hehe, im so fucking evil its an understatement XD
K-1-L-L-J-0-Y Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Not really, I like being a freak. I'm proud of it. I embrace it! Muahahahahaha!

You lost me at shiny, dude xD

Oh and I know what a, that one thing I didn't know what it looks like, I know what it looks like now. It's like, a silver ring that you slip down to the base of the guy's, you know, that thing, and yeah it prevents them— I already told you what it does ANYWAY
Get to writing my bridecest, missy!
NiGHTSxREALAfan Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
i know that NOW, I had to look it up bitch! >.<

and yes, the 'shiny' thing was either a vibrator or the ring thingy..i could care less, just LET ME WRITE YOUR SMUT, SEX ADDICT!
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bvb-botdf-fan99 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013   Traditional Artist
Time to go rob Walmart of tissues and icecream T.T
NiGHTSxREALAfan Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
im so sorry T.T next chapter will be up shortly..

now i have that headline in my head..

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